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How To Be 110% Happier With Your Apple iPhone in 2019 And DIY Tips


iPhone XR is commonly pronounced as iPhone X among its millions of user around the world. It is a unique smartphone designed by Apple Inc. This iPhone came in the 12th generation of the series and was announced in 2018. The phone uses a ‘liquid retina’ 6.1-inch LCD display, which is indeed the most advanced and color accurate in the industry. The feature of the phone like the processor is almost the same the XS and XS Max. No-doubt the processor of all three phones is smartest and most powerful.

Today, iPhone XR is available in six colors: black, white, blue, yellow, coral and red. It comes with three varieties of storage space ranging from 64GB-256GB. The 128GB iPhone is among the most preferred phone ever. In the international market, the phone is supporting dual SIM’s. This includes the use of one Nano-SIM and other as eSIM. Whereas in the market of China it is sold with two Nano-SIM’s that are placed on a single tray.

iPhone Repair Center Singapore


But, given the best resolution and processor, still, iPhone XR is facing criticism for its lower display resolution. Talking about the hardware of the iPhone XR, which is almost similar to iPhone X and iPhone XS. However, there is a slight difference which many people fail to notice. In iPhone XR a user get:-

  1. Edge to Edge display
  2. Face ID
  3. Glass Body with Aluminum Frame
  4. Upgraded to the 12-megapixel camera
  5. A12 Bionic chip
  6. Variety of colors
Note: iPhone XR is dust and water resistance

As discussed earlier, iPhone XR hardware is somewhat similar to XS, but a few features are removed from XR to reduce the price. For example, iPhone XR is missing the 3D touch, but it comes with new Haptic Touch. The latter gives you a fantastic experience and feel of vibration from Taptic Engine when a user performs a long press. Apart from that XR comes with LCD that gives users a resolution of 1792×828 pixels. The previous version used an OLED screen. Like the entire series, the XR has a single camera on the rear of the phone. Unlike XS is does not have an optical zoom. But, it is rated as ‘top-ranked single-lens phone.

The single-camera of XR provides some of the fantastic features to the users. This include portrait mode. Also, the phone front camera offers a TrueDepth combining focus pixel, image sensor, and AI. Like the other iPhone XS and XS max, XR to aids the user to capture the bokeh effect.

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Here are some tips and tricks for XR Users:-

  1. You can move multiple apps at once: For this enter iOS jiggle mode then move the app, so the ‘x’ disappears then add the bundle of apps together to move it to a new position.
  2. Make Screen Dimmer: For this, go to setting- accessibility-zoom-zoom filter-low light.
  3. Animoji reaction in messages: Now spice up your conversation by using your own memoji or Animoji as a reaction.
  4. Swipe-to-delete in the calculator: To delete the last type digit, simply swipe from right to left over the result section.
  5. Custom Text Alerts: This tip has helped millions of people around the world! You can now create custom text tones, and ring alters for your contact.
  6. Turn on iPhone Magnifier: In case you have bad eyesight than to read small fonts use the magnifier glass.
  7. Location Sharing via Keyboard: With a single tap on Quick Type keyboard in messages will allow you to send the current location to the person.
  8. Quiet Notification Delivery: You can simply press the notification on the lock screen and then tap manage to “deliver quietly”.
  9. Notification Setting: By pressing the notification banner, then pressing the setting button, you can jump to the notification screen.
  10. Lyric Search: Many people do not know about this by can type in the lyric into the search field in the music app and pull the same song.
  11. Search shortcuts: Now you don’t have to go to contact app in order and type in persona name. Use spotlight to run super easy queries.
  12. Siri: You can use SIRI for voice commands, and also to use many other features like turning the flashlight on or off (useful when you are wearing gloves)
  13. Multi-keywords search: Take advantage of computer vision and automatically recognize objects and people etc.
  14. DND at Bedtime: Setup automatic DND for Bedtime.

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iPhone XR is quickly becoming one of the most demanded phones in 2019 as well. The colorful, attractive, light and comfortable phone offer massively powerful processor with a groundbreaking the display. Still, there are reports of some iPhone XR user running into bugs and performance issues.

After downloading the latest iOS firmware, the color iPhone is again facing a lot of negative feedbacks. One of the most common challenges the user is facing is activating the phone at home. In case you are not able to activate your iPhone XR then perhaps it is time to take it back to store. If the circle is anything other than green, then you’ll have to wait until it turns green. Wait! for a couple of minutes before trying to reactivate it. Make sure the SIM card properly inserted. If you are getting ‘no sim’ or ‘invalid sim’, then head towards help!

Other Complaints include:-

  1. Restoration issues
  2. Issues in setting up Face ID
  3. Bluetooth Problems
  4. Wi-Fi problems
  5. Weird battery drains
  6. Exchange problems
  7. Issues in apps
  8. Crashes
  9. An abnormal amount of lag
  10. Crashes
  11. iCloud Problems

How To Fix The Problems

If you are thinking of DIY the fix on iPhone XR then perhaps you can start by updating the iPhone software. Most of issue and bugs resolved for a myriad of people only by upgrading the software. For battery issues, you can check-out with iPhone Battery Replacement in Singapore.

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Downgrading Your Phone

In some cases, you will have the option to downgrade to another version of iOS. For many users, this has a positive impact on device performance. The lasts update is on the way and in case you feel comfortable with your current version then stick to it.

Choose Better Security

  1. Enhance the intelligent tracking prevention in safari to prevent embedded content and other social media content from tracking the cross-site with user permission.
  2. Suppress the ad targeting by reducing visiting advertising page
  3. Use strong and unique passwords while creating accounts
  4. Change the password periodically
  5. Do not share passwords

iPhone is one of the durable, reliable and easy to use the phone but unfortunately, still many people face water damage on their phone. Although iPhone XR is water resistant but only to 1m. Beyond that, your iPhone can suffer internal circuit issues and motherboard damage. This includes that your iPhone won’t turn on.

Here is what you need to do if your iPhone falls in water pit!

  1. Take out the iPhone out as soon as possible
  2. Turn it off ( in case it is on)
  3. Take the case off
  4. Shake it bit
  5. Using clean cloth wipe the water
  6. Allow your phone to dry for a while
  7. Try turning it on


iPhone Repair Centre Singapore

In case, the phone is not turning on then look for some expert assistance online or from the local apple store. Fortunately, there is a plethora of platform and stores that can solve your issue without any hassle and at low-cost.

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