Are you facing any battery issues with your apple products? Do you find yourself hooked to your charger all day long? All of this is due to your battery draining fast. Do not worry, we, at MacBook Pro Repair Singapore, provide reliable and cost effective solutions to your MacBook or iPhone battery drainage issues.

Need for iPhone or Macbook Battery Replacement

Battery Drainage is a serious issue encountered by most of us. We all want our batteries to be reliable and last longer but over the span of time, our batteries lose the ability to charge and start getting depleted at a much more quicker pace. Battery life declines to a point where eventually you can’t go anywhere without the power adapter. In extreme cases, old batteries swell up to the point where they warp the aluminum case or shell of the device that is using it. This is an extremely critical situation where your battery may blast the device into several smaller pieces proving dangerous to the surrounding life.

Why Choose us?

Our core team at MacBook Pro Repair Singapore, include dedicated experts with years of experience behind their back. These professionals are capable enough to handle any issues regarding your device battery and offer a reliable solution to our customers. We offer battery replacements for MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacBook Pro Retina replacement, Macbook 12”, iPhone and iPad products.

We specialize in providing iPhone and MacBook Battery replacement services to our customers. There are a number of remote stores on the streets who claim to provide certified Macbook or iPhone Battery replacements at a rock-bottom price, be aware of them. These stores may trick you with their lucrative offers but you must decide whether you want a  reliable long term solution or a quick and short term solution that may cost you dearly in the long run. Be wise and act accordingly.

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